I created this site to be an on-line portfolio to give a sampling of past work and capabilities. There is no one-size-fits-all for design. For new projects I want to meet with you and see what I can do to make your materials stand out and be uniquely yours.

My design work varies some of my favorite projects were either freelance projects or class projects from MCAD, they had great teachers that really pushed you to bring out your best self. I was part of the Medtronic internal creative team for 21 years and had a nice variety of projects in my time there ranging from product literature, technical manuals, packaging, technical illustration in the earlier years, and design of a wide range and executive power point communications in the latter. I have done branding and been through three different design systems during my time there and learned things from each of them

I have had art and design instruction at South Central Technical College and more recently Minneapolis College of Art and Design MCAD and feel that the process of learning and refinement are life long. I have taken many fine art classes from area art instructors such as Carla Holm Anderson, Susan Fryer Voigt, Sharyn Erickson, Karen Knutson and have been active in the area art scene for about 30 years. I have been a board member for Artists del Norte and Banfill Locke Center for the Arts. I also am a past President for Artists del Norte.

My fine art muse takes me to different places and I love seeing how other artists work and getting new ideas. I am willing to try anything artistically and love the opportunity to mix medias and try something new.